Incentive Trips & Gastro Trips

Incentive trips

Our portfolio far reaches into Southern Africa, Europe, South East Asia with some unique, authentic experiences that can be coupled with cultural interaction, leaving a lasting and meaningful memory. Our offering, from city experiences in Brussels to off-the-beaten-track trips in Cambodia or a combination of Bush(Safari) & Beach experience in Africa.

Well versed with large numbers, we do not shy away from smaller more intimate groups seeking the extraordinary. Some of our offerings include, but are not limited to:

-Team Building

This does not always have to be boring and set in a room. As a fun-thrill seeking team, we always ensure to put together a proposal that will loosen even the most conservative individual. Depending on the desired outcome, the program is put together from a brief along with suggested, but we always leave it to you to make the final call.

-Experiential trips

This would centre around a unique experience, be it, the destination, an activity at a destination, or the entire journey rolled into one, would be an out of the box type of experience. The team carefully selects certain elements that would match well with desired brief and try to include said elements. Most popular are the destination trips, such as Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, 2Wonders trip – that of Table Mountain & Victoria Falls, Dune 7 – climb one of the highest sand dunes in the world or hike the Fish River Canyon.

Gastro Trips

How does one complete the total travel experience, well, by indulging in local cuisine wherever the destination may be. This is something we always include within our incentive packages, but it is an experience that can be booked exclusively for those that have the pallet for culinary tours.

Our headliner, Cape Winelands Tour, South Africa… sees the senses awakened with various paring options and with over 500 wineries divided into 4 main regions and some of the oldest wine farms dating back to 1659, this region is rich and catering to every pallet with no less than 24 Red and 22 white varieties available. This coupled with some of the best culinary experiences south of the equator, you’ll surely forget where you are, nor will you want to leave.

-Let your senses be tantalised by one of the following, but not limited to;

Rich culinary history in a country with 11 official languages, it is filled with crosses of African, European, Asian and more styles.

Not limited to wine, the offering extends to Premium Brandy, Method Cap Classique, craft beer to rival the best in the world as well as a recent increase in leading craft gins, with a variety of infusions.