About Us

AYEYU meaning “I love you” - Hola Afrika, would then come together to longingly say Hello Africa – I love you.

We are an incentive tour company based in Spain and operating bespoke luxury experiences in Europe, Africa and South-East Asia. The company was formed out of a love for travel and exploration and the passion to share this by carefully picking out some of the most sort out “bucket-list” destinations off the beaten track in various parts of the world. Our Portfolio is not only limited to Incentive travel, but also offering high-end leisure experiences for exclusive groups and FIT.

As a Bespoke operator, we tailor the experiences to your needs and desirable outcomes (should it be of a team building model), by ensuring that our team consists of proven industry professional partners to ensure we deliver first class experiential travel. We strive to deliver extraordinary experiences, with a flexible Can-do attitude.

Some of our highlight destinations are South Africa, Spain, Iceland, Cambodia, Rwanda, Vietnam, Croatia, Tanzania and Belgium to name a few.

If its an experience you are looking for, talk to us, we’ve got you covered.